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head shot of Rick Rosenthal
Rick Rosenthal
Whitewater Films
head shot of Colby Gaines
Colby Gaines
Back Roads Entertainment
head shot of Luke Kelly-Clyne
Luke Kelly-Clyne
Big Breakfast
head shot of Marc Zicree
Marc Zicree
Space Command Studios
head shot of Rebekah Zabarsky
Rebekah Zabarsky
Parrot Analytics
head shot of Jorge Barraza
Jorge Barraza
Immersion Neuroscience
head shot of Wendy Lee
Wendy Lee
Los Angeles Times
head shot of Chris Salvaterra
Chris Salvaterra
HBO & Cinemax
head shot of Arturo Interian
Arturo Interian
head shot of Jacquelin Perske
Jacquelin Perske
Five Forks
head shot of Anne Kenney
Anne Kenney
Me2U Productions
head shot of Melissa Grego
Melissa Grego
Hollywood Radio & Television Society (HRTS)
head shot of David Wolstencroft
David Wolstencroft
head shot of Daniel Dae Kim
Daniel Dae Kim
3AD Media
head shot of Hanh Nguyen
Hanh Nguyen
head shot of Erin Gunn
Erin Gunn
Shore Z Productions
head shot of Sebastian Lee
Sebastian Lee
EnterMedia Content
head shot of David Shore
David Shore
Shore Z Productions
head shot of Debra Birnbaum
Debra Birnbaum
head shot of Kristin Jones
Kristin Jones
AMC & SundanceTV
head shot of Simon Cornwell
Simon Cornwell
The Ink Factory
head shot of Stephen Cornwell
Stephen Cornwell
The Ink Factory
head shot of Jocelyn Johnson
Jocelyn Johnson
head shot of Eben Davidson
Eben Davidson
Blumhouse Television
head shot of Elisa Ellis
Elisa Ellis
Platform One Media
head shot of David Ellender
David Ellender
Sonar Entertainment
head shot of Lorenzo De Maio
Lorenzo De Maio
Endeavor Content
head shot of Dante Di Loreto
Dante Di Loreto
head shot of Ron West
Ron West
Thruline Entertainment
head shot of Jonathan Frank
Jonathan Frank
FX Networks
head shot of Tracy Katsky
Tracy Katsky
head shot of Clelia Mountford
Clelia Mountford
head shot of Camila Jimenez Villa
Camila Jimenez Villa
The Immigrant
head shot of Matt Creasey
Matt Creasey
Endemol Shine International
head shot of Pascal Breton
Pascal Breton
Federation Entertainment
head shot of Nina Lederman
Nina Lederman
All3Media America
head shot of Alon Shtruzman
Alon Shtruzman
Keshet International
head shot of Greer Simpkin
Greer Simpkin
Bunya Productions
head shot of Steven McGregor
Steven McGregor
Tamarind Tree Pictures
head shot of Jenn Kuzmyk
Jenn Kuzmyk
Banff World Media Festival
head shot of Ken Segna
Ken Segna
head shot of Michelle Daly
Michelle Daly
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
head shot of Rebecca Segal
Rebecca Segal
Sky Entertainment & Networks
head shot of Philipp Steffens
Philipp Steffens
RTL Television
head shot of Médéric Albouy
Médéric Albouy
France Télévisions
head shot of Jeff Cooke
Jeff Cooke
head shot of Kate Gill
Kate Gill
YouTube Premium
head shot of Cara Dellaverson
Cara Dellaverson
NBC Entertainment
head shot of Michael Schneider
Michael Schneider
head shot of Erik Barmack
Erik Barmack
head shot of John Orlando
John Orlando
Sony Crackle
head shot of Jennifer Sherwood
Jennifer Sherwood
head shot of Adam Steinman
Adam Steinman
Warner Bros. International Television Production
head shot of Lisa Fahrenholt
Lisa Fahrenholt
Endemol Shine North America
head shot of Lucienne Papon
Lucienne Papon
ITV Studios America
head shot of Jacqueline Sacerio
Jacqueline Sacerio
Entertainment One
head shot of Ian Whitehead
Ian Whitehead
head shot of Brad Rosenfeld
Brad Rosenfeld
Abrams Artists Agency
head shot of Roy Ashton
Roy Ashton
Gersh Agency
head shot of Katie Cates
Katie Cates
ICM Partners
head shot of Milorad Dragicevic
Milorad Dragicevic
United Talent Agency
head shot of Zac Simmons
Zac Simmons
Paradigm Talent Agency
head shot of Danny Alexander
Danny Alexander
head shot of Jessica Watson
Jessica Watson
Boat Rocker Media
head shot of Gillian Rose
Gillian Rose
Sky Vision
head shot of Shirley Bowers
Shirley Bowers
Red Arrow Studios International
head shot of Paul Corney
Paul Corney
all3media International
head shot of Sebastian Burkhardt
Sebastian Burkhardt
Keshet International
head shot of Lionel Uzan
Lionel Uzan
Federation Entertainment
head shot of Philipp Steffens
Philipp Steffens
RTL Television
head shot of Simmy Kustanowitz
Simmy Kustanowitz
head shot of Zach Feldberg
Zach Feldberg
head shot of Morgana Cabrera-Rosenberg
Morgana Cabrera-Rosenberg
head shot of Ted Gold
Ted Gold
Paramount Network
head shot of Médéric Albouy
Médéric Albouy
France Télévisions
head shot of Priscilla Crowe Light
Priscilla Crowe Light
head shot of Rose Catherine Pinkney
Rose Catherine Pinkney
Guerrilla Entertainment
head shot of Brandon Lawrence
Brandon Lawrence
head shot of Marissa Ronca
Marissa Ronca
head shot of Tanya Lopez
Tanya Lopez
head shot of Benjamin Lopez
Benjamin Lopez
National Association of Latino Independent Producers
head shot of Deniese Davis
Deniese Davis

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Scripted brings together the top creators, producers, buyers and distributors of scripted programming. For two days the focus is on dissecting the biz, networking and deals. In a nutshell, unique access to leaders in the global scripted entertainment industry.

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Join the discussion on what's working now. Hear top scripted execs share their POV on how to navigate massive industry change during debates, intimate breakout sessions and roundtables on new biz models and future trends.

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Through networking-friendly sessions like Luncheon Roundtables and 30 Minutes With..., make the face-to-face connections that will help further your projects.


Scripted is refreshingly intimate and interactive – a nice change of pace from the tidal wave that tends to overwhelm other conferences.”

“I would encourage others to attend the ultimate networking event for scripted content in an intimate, supportive, and unhurried environment.”

“One of the best scripted conferences and networking events around!”


The W Hollywood is located at Hollywood and Vine. From the upper floors, you can see the surrounding Hollywood Hills and iconic Hollywood Sign.

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