Speaker Rebecca Segal - Scripted 2018

Speaker Rebecca Segal

Rebecca Segal


Sky Entertainment & Networks

For over 14 years, Rebecca Segal has been with Sky Entertainment and Networks, based in Los Angeles. She works with the Acquisition teams and the Channel Heads in the UK, Germany and Italy identifying series and other programming – at all stages - for the entertainment channels including Sky One, Sky Living and the Sky Atlantic channels, which are the home of all HBO and Showtime programming in the UK, Germany and Italy. Rebecca also works alongside the UK’s original programming commissioners, the content strategy area and the distribution arm Sky Vision.

Always based in Los Angeles, Rebecca joined Sky after having been the 1st LA based executive for the BBC’s UK channels for 9 years where she also worked on co-productions with BBC1 and BBC2 in the last 3 years of her time with them. She’d spent 5 years at Sky before then and was with Network TEN Australia for 5 years prior to that. During those times she had identified or been associated with some of TV’s iconic, successful and well produced series including The Good Doctor, Grey’s Anatomy, Modern Family, Lost, The X Files, 24, House, Buffy, Deadwood, Weeds, and Battlestar Galactica.

Prior to working in TV, Rebecca was a top publicist and marketing executive whose clients included HBO Ole, King World, RAI & others. She initially worked in the music industry working as the house manager at a Connecticut concert facility and become a manager at BNB Associates working with artists including Neil Diamond, The Carpenters and Herb Alpert.

Rebecca has been on the BANFF Media Board for six years and was on the BAFTA LA Board for 12 years. She continues to serve on their TV Committee.

Speaking at: International Commissioners Roundtable

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