Speaker Jacquelin Perske - Scripted 2018

Speaker Jacquelin Perske

Jacquelin Perske

Writer & Producer

Five Forks

Jacquelin Perske has worked extensively in television as a writer and producer. She has written on The Cry, a four part drama series currently in production for BBC1, UK.(Synchronicity Films)

In the last two years, she has written and script produced Seven Types of Ambiguity with Hugo Weaving and Xavier Samuel (Matchbox Pictures/ABC), which she received both the AACTA award and Australian Writers Guild Award award for best TV drama script ( 2017)

She has written for The Legend of Monkey (See Saw Pictures/ABC/Netflix)2107, and script produced Deadline  Gallipoli (Matchbox Pictures/Foxtel), starring Sam Worthington and Hugh Dancy, which won the 2015 Australian Writers Guild Award for Best Drama.

She is the producer, co-creator and writer of the first and second series of Spirited for Foxtel, the pilot episode of which earned her the 2010 Australian Writers Guild Award for Best Drama.

Jacquelin had previously worked as producer, co-creator and writer on the acclaimed series Love My Way, which received 14 awards - including an AFI Award for Best Screenplay in a Television Series - and 24 nominations.

Jacquelin was part of an international team of writers working on George Lucas’ live action series for television, Star Wars: Underworld. Her other credits include Big Sky, Raw FM, Fireflies and the AFI award-winning The Secret Life of Us.

Jacquelin wrote one of Australia’s most highly acclaimed films of 2005, Little Fish. The film starred Cate Blanchett, Hugo Weaving and Martin Henderson and received an astonishing 13 AFI award nominations. Reviews reserved special praise for Jacquelin’s complex, compelling script, consolidating her position as one of the country’s most gifted storytellers.


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