Speaker Médéric Albouy - Scripted 2018

Speaker Médéric Albouy

Médéric Albouy

Head of Series & Drama International Co-Productions

France Télévisions

Médéric Albouy, 45, began his career as public opinion analyst for SOFRES Group (now TNS) in 1996.

In 1998 he joined France Télévisions (the French public broadcasting company) to become in 2004 VP audience and market research.

In 2008 he was appointed special advisor to the director of France 2, Frances main TV channel. After different positions in the company, he took up his current role on February 2014 as head of drama and series international co-productions.

Recent co-productions from France TV include The Collection, Crimson Rivers, Take two… France TV is part of the newly-formed European Alliance, along with ZDF and RAI.

Speaking at: International Commissioners Roundtable; Luncheon Roundtables

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